A photograph has the ability to capture not only an image but an emotion and a memory. The photo to the left is my favorite photograph of me. It was taken by my sister, on our trip to Paris, in 2010. Every time I see it I remember that day. We had been wandering the streets of Paris all day. We were exhausted, giddy with adventure, and just the slightest bit tipsy from the Guinness we’d had with our late lunch. We found our way accidentally to the backside of the Louvre and made our way into the Cour Carrée. The most beautiful sunset rays lit up the path leading to the courtyard. A cellist had chosen the perfect place acoustically under the arches and was playing an incandescently beautiful piece of music. Neither of us said a word. We just smiled at each other repeatedly and wandered around taking it in. The music. The sunset. The fact that I was in Paris sharing this moment with my best friend in the world. I can say without a doubt that it was the happiest ten minutes of my life. That is what this photograph is to me. When I look at it every sensation rushes back. The sun on my face, the breeze in my hair, the sound of the music, the perfect feeling of contentment and happiness. That is the power of a single photograph.
These fleeting moments are the subjects of my photographs. Ever since I was a child I’ve found that the more I watch and listen to the world around me the more beautiful it becomes. When I resist the temptation to spin my own conclusions and contort my surroundings, truth pervades. The trick is to hold on to it, to capture it, to make others see what I see. That is the essence of Passenger Photography.

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